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[14 Aug 2004|08:03pm]
[ mood | blah ]

piranha - august 11, 2004 - the flywheel - easthampton, ma

avery, underwater - august 11, 2004 - the flywheel - easthampton, ma

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if life were going out of style would you kill yourself then? [27 Jul 2004|09:19pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

oh my god editing pictures is such a pain!!

new sets of pictures are up:

july 22, 2004 - hamden ct @ the space

a certain something - more
(doozer and these green eyes will be up later, i need a break)

july 24, 2004 - easthampton, ma @ the flywheel

steal from the rich - more

the flaming tsunamis - more

uncle bob's stolen monkey - more

in the words of my former coworker, nathan - "i don't want to play anymore."


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[12 Jul 2004|07:57pm]
i just watched the new degrassi episode where marco and dylan go on a date and they kissed! i giggled so hard! that's all.

this weekend

friday: tft release @ knights of columbus - wallingford, ct
saturday: doozer @ mill st brews - southbridge, ma (possibly a doozer party at my apartment that evening)
sunday: doozer @ the annex - burlington, vt
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[02 Jul 2004|03:13pm]
bug juice is back on the disney channel now! suh-weet!
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difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed and passed over. [07 Jun 2004|12:10am]
[ mood | sore ]

explosions's LJ stalker is mastercrisp!
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you don't see me at allCollapse )
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[11 Mar 2004|02:26pm]
drama at hanson
my car got towed
i caught a guitar pick
i was one inch from taylor
fuck the po-lice
alli oh! slept over
adam morgan is jesus
maine plans are getting complicated
i saw mmmbop live for the first time in like four years
for a good time call officer smith at: 1-860-490-6622

life is good
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life is good, life is great, life is sweet like lemonade. [09 Mar 2004|07:12pm]
[ mood | super pumped ]

^i'm finally starting to believe that^

ok, so i officially don't have to work thursday, meaning road trip with these green eyes can happen. hooray!!

lisa and ali are coming over in like ten minutes to watch pumpkin.

best week ever!!!!

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find your own heart cuz mine's a lost cause and it's done with you. [06 Feb 2004|04:36am]
[ mood | disgusted ]

so i just finnished watching heavenly creatures and my god was the end fucking disturbing. i feel physically sick after watching it. and sad.

so folly tomorrow. hooray? i hear it's supposed to be the same kinda storm we had the other day when i drove tot he exact same place. just my luck right? blah.


i need, i need, i need some sleep
these feelings that i'm feeling are feelings of defeat
i can't, i can't, i can't control
knowing that i might be going nowhere at all
ohhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh

i tried to contact this kid who i was friends with for like five days just cuz, it's impossible. i love life, or don't either way.

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that's the kind of thought that makes me nervous and worried if you'll really think i'm worth it... [04 Feb 2004|02:08am]
[ mood | hungry ]

... when the rush wears off and you're left with this busted person

so the show tonight was so fucking good. i drove down by myself in the kinda bad weather but i handled that shit. at first when i got there i regretted going. i couldn't find a parking spot so i hadda park wicked far away and walk there in the cold, then the guys wandered off on me so i was all alone. but once the music started i was cool.

kevin devine played first. he was wicked fucking good. his voice was crazy good. i dunno, i liked it a lot. so i decided i was gonna buy his cd later on. during his set dan asked me to record their set so i said ok. he showed me how to use the camera (like i've never used one before or anything haha) and was telling me all this stuff about getting shots of matt. of course. haha.

so while they set up i ran up to the guy kevin and signed his mailing list and told him he was wicked good and that i was gonna buy the cd later haha. then i ran back and recorded the guys. so this was enough experience for me to decide i don't like to record bands. you can't rock out at all when i was totally prepared to do just that.

so then dan got the funny idea to dedicate that fell, falling, whatever song that i like to me and make it a point to mention that i was the one taping them. flattering, but embarrassing at the same time. so i just kinda rolled my eyes and blushed. what's with the last couple weeks and band members pointing me out while permorming?

so after them the format played. oh my jesus, they were so fucking good. i couldn't handle the pure sex which is the format. f'real. i was rocking out with joe, chad, and off and on adam and matt. everyone was just in awe. that guy's voice gives me chills. and yet they didn't play the piano song which is my favourite :(

so after them armor for sleep started setting up. i don't really dig that band so much so i went and bought the kevin devine cd and he was thanking me like crazy. it was cute. i think it's kinda funny when bands thank you for buying their cds.. i dunno why. then i bought the format's cd and a hott shirt (all their shirts were wicked hott though, i had a hard time deciding) then i watched merch for the modern day saint while they loaded shit.

so they were playing mindless self indulgence during the set up and i was singing to myself and kevin devine was like "who is this?? it sounds like the faint" and i educated him on who it was and how people used to hate them and now people think they're cool for liking them while i've liked them since grade 9. haha. i'm so fucking cool right? and then he thanked me for buying the cd again which i laughed about.

then dan was being goofy to me and i was laughing and rolling my eyes at him. it was just a good night for rolling my eyes i suppose. i sat at the empty table for a bit and then told the singer of the format how good they were and then found the guys talking to another member of the format. i just stood there and listened cuz i was having kinda a shy night. dan and chad were leaving so i asked dan if he could drive me to my car so he said ok. me and chad had to squeeze in the passenger's seat and i felt bad cuz he was wicked uncomfortable but it was only for a couple minutes. we discussed how hot the format guys were and argued on who was hotter. funny conversation to be having with straight guys haha.

then i headed homebut stopped to get gas first. it was ufnny cuz i didn't see the sign saying to pay first and the girl working said to pay inside over the intercom. i head inside and some woman goes "haha, you in the wrooooong neighborhood hun, you pay first here" i was like ahhhh wtf? then on the ride home i got a phone call from jed returning my call from friday haha. we chatted it up a bit and he thought i was nuts for driving in that weather. then i rocked out to maybe three format songs when lisa called me and we chatted until i hit the woods of winchester where i permanently lost my signal.

now i'm home eating a grapefruit. everyone go listen to kevin devine. please.

p.s. i know, not another new icon, but hey, this one is sexy as hell.

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[03 Feb 2004|02:16am]
don't you just love it when your pictures are featured everywhere and yet nobody gives you credit for them. i know i sure do!

i really do need someone to come with me to see the format tomorrow night.

important upcoming shows!

tuesday, feb 3 @ 6pm
the format, armor for sleep, the modern day saint, kevin devine
the hawk's nest - west hartford, ct
free, 18+

friday, feb 6 @ 6pm
folly, the modern day saint, paulson, the buddy system
the hawk's nest - west hartford, ct
free, 18+

friday, feb 13 @ 6pm
arrogant sons of bitches, sixfinger, the modern day saint, scattered, the kites, rotten fun
third world room (wsc) - westfield, ma

friday, feb 20
folly, the flaming tsunamis, sixfinger, adam morgan, malachi constant, doozer
third world room (wsc) - westfield, ma

saturday, feb 21
blind luck music, monty's fan club, thom dunn, tap out
hillel house (uconn) - storrs, ct
$5 advance, $10 doors

thursday, feb 26
bright eyes, jim james, m. ward
pearl street - northampton, ma

friday, feb 27
bright eyes, jim james, m. ward
higher ground - winooski, vt

friday, march 5 @ 5pm
last infamous jake show ever
infamous jake, no intention, the flaming tsunamis, blind luck music, the arrogant sons of bitches, doozer, malachi constant
pearl street - northampton, ma

friday, march 26
big d and the kids table, sixfinger, the skeptics, the modern day saint, scattered, adam morgan
third world room (wsc) - westfield, ma
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[02 Feb 2004|04:59pm]
i forgot to mention the one goood thing about work yesterday.

so i called up lisa when the store was dead to talk about the weekend with her. of course once i called people started coming in haha. but ya know, every time i got a customer i'd just be like hold on a sec, help them, then go back to talking to her. so at one point this chick had her credit card and i asked "debit or credit?" and she goes "whichever is easier" and lisa says into the phone "your mom's easier" and i burst ut laughing right in the customer's face. like i completely lost my concentration and was giggling the rest of the time i helped the customer. haha the customer kinda chuckled a bit. funniest thing ever.
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be on crack? [02 Feb 2004|04:43am]
[ mood | jubilant ]

i h a t e jessay: before i pass out i have to tell you
ERockESL: check the board
i h a t e jessay: in one of your songs it sound like you're saying "be on crack" and it makes me laugh really hard
i h a t e jessay: i did
ERockESL: lol
ERockESL: which song?
i h a t e jessay: umm
ERockESL: what number
i h a t e jessay: #4
ERockESL: awesome
ERockESL: i'm saying that live from now on
i h a t e jessay: i dunno wht you actually say
i h a t e jessay: hahaha!!!
ERockESL: beer cracked
i h a t e jessay: hahahaha
ERockESL: more like beee-eeerr craced
ERockESL: be on crack
i h a t e jessay: well it sounds like be on crack, listen to it, it's so funny
ERockESL: well that's what it is now
i h a t e jessay: amazing

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i'm not gonna lie. i want you for mine. my blushing bride. my lover, be my lover yeah! [02 Feb 2004|03:37am]
[ mood | psyched ]

everyone go download the toadies: possum kingdom because ever sine alli oh! mentioned them i can't stop listening to this song.

so work sucked. but oh well, i'm over it. i'm in a really good mood. i get to see the format on tuesday, i had a kick ass weekend, i'm just good.

i still need an official boy valentine haha. no offense girls, i still love ya haha.

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[01 Feb 2004|02:33pm]

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[01 Feb 2004|01:26am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

tonight was an absolute blast. oh man. so i got carly and we went to papa ginos before the show. we then head to the show and meet her bf there. the boys from these green eyes were already there, we all said hello. the ones who knw me already came up and chatted a bit. the other ones were like whoa, you like asob? i'm like "yeah, i'm on the knr board guys" and they're like ohh ok! haha awesome.

so the bands were alright. these green eyes did so well. i like them more and more every time i see them. i bought their cd finally. then we made a plan to go to bickfords after. j was supposed to go but he hadda babysit so he met us with some friends at bickfords afterwards. so it was the most hilarious thing ever. we all coloured and they gave me their pictures. i got chocolate chip pancakes which were amazing. then at the end they wanted to take a picture with me so we all sat in a circle booth and j took it. i'll put it up in a few days.

so we all said our goodbyes and i got mad hugs <3 then i dropped off carly's boyfriend and he clicked his heels!! it was the best thing ever! like all ngiht he was so shy and quiet, he gets out of my car and clicks his heels. i couldn't believe my eyes! then i dropped off carly and sped home.

so yeah, obviously i've had a really shitty few weeks, after the last two nights my attitude has changed like 300%. a weekend like this was exactly what i needed. <3<3<3

p.s. new icon. it made more sense for it to be green, but my layout is pink. but i made a green one if anyone else wants to use it.

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you don't like me, and I don't like me, and it's unlikely. [31 Jan 2004|04:41am]
[ mood | pleased ]

so, my new layout looked better in my head than it does in reality. i might make some changes and i'm gonna make a different icon that'll show up ha!

so, today.

i got up at like 1:20, threw on clothes, and went to the work meeting. it was kinda boring. i had a lot of ideas for improvements but of course i barely spoke up. after i went to the bank, cashed my checks and put some money away. i now have $259 in my bank account i have access to (i have a couple thousand in the one my dad controls.) that's good cuz for the longest itme i had like ten bucks haha. but i've been really good lately.

so i came home, took a shower, got ready, got directions, and headed to the bar. i ended up getting there way too early and one band was there that i didn't know. they were talking to me but i was in a really shy mood all night so i just kinda answered them really awkwardly. they gave me a free cd (haha rock) so yeah. finally sixfinger got there, come to find out both tmds and a certain something cancelled. jerks. heh..

so i was still in that weird mood until kevin made me sit with the guys haha. i dunno, what was up with me all night. so we all chatted until they went on at 9:30. by this time only the other bands were there. well, joe urban came in but that's it haha. a few people came in towards the end of their set though. it was weird taking pictures because everyone was sitting down. creepy.

in the middle of their set joe was leaving so i ran out to talk to adam and chad (they came with joe but never came in) really quickly before they left. then sixfinger finnished up. they played a good set just you could tell they were lacking on energy from the crowd. after it was funny because bemis was asking me if i liked the new song and i told him i walked outside during it (but i could still hear it) to talk to the guys. he thought it was funny that i "liked it so much i walked out" but i did lik what i heard haha. then jim told me he loved me cuz i was singing along haha.

so i watched dan's car for him while they loaded stuff into it. i tried to call a few people but nobody answered (except carly, which was good cuz i needed to ask her about the show the next day) and then i talked to this guy from one of the bands while i was waiting for everyone to leave. he was asking me all this stuff about new hampshire. then everyone came over and started yelling stuff like "go pats" at the creepy old people going in and out of the bar.

finally we left. i followed dan and kevin to kevin's to drop some stuff off, then to dan's to drop his car off, then we all went to dennys in my trashed car (haha it's so embarrassing how gross that gets when other people ride in it. but it's so cold it's hard to clean it out) the food was gross, but hey, that's dennys for you. i let them do most of the talking because i was still in shy mode. then these chicks came in that they knew so after we ate we sat with them and chatted a bit.

we then left and i dropped them off at their houses. of course on the ride home i got a lot less shy when the nights friggin over. i'm awesome. i drove home and ate so many vegetables to make up for the grossness of dennys.

so these green eyes show tomorrow. carly's coming with me!!! i love my cousin!!!

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[30 Jan 2004|04:23pm]
who will be my valentine?

please comment with your resume.
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help me think of somebody else. [30 Jan 2004|05:17am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

so, i got done watching cabin fever. kinda bad, terrible terrible dialog, amazing cast.

it had the guy who goes: "he's already pulled over!! he can't pull over any farther!!" - from super troopers. damn f-ing straight.

so tomorrow i have to get up early and go to a work meeting. absolute bullshit. but then i get to go to the sixfigner bar show.. i need to figure out where it is and when though. shit.

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this isn't happening, happening, happening, happening, happening... it is! [29 Jan 2004|03:12am]
[ mood | in pain ]

weee, i have animation software now...

heh, just messing around.

1. Do you start the water before or after you get in the shower? before
2. Do you read the labels on your shampoo bottles? yes
3. Have you ever showered with someone of the opposite sex? nope
4. Have you ever been forced to shower with one of your siblings? yup
5. Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower? always
6. Have you ever dropped your soap on your foot? more like shampoo bottles
7. How old do you look while wet and when a towel is the only thing on your body? pretty bad
8. What's the last song you sang in the shower? i don't, but sometimes i think of good ideas for songs in my head and forget them once i get out of the shower
9. What kind of soap do you use? body wash, whatever we have
10. What color is your shower? white
11. What color is your towel? we have multiple
12. Do you shave in the shower? when neccessary
13. Does your shower have a seat in it? i wish
14. Have you ever been walked in on while you were showering? not exactly, but like when i was younger if someone had to pee they'd just come in and do it.. kinda odd
15. Do you have the anti-slip sticky pads on the floor of your shower? no
16. Do you wear a robe around the house after your shower? i wish i hada robe
17. Do you get dressed in the bathroom after your shower? yup, my mom hates it

14 Random Questions
1. What is one of your personal features that you obsess over constantly? good and bad? i'd say weight, i always feelfat, but i guess it's cuz i'm a girl
2. What do most people think of the city in which you live? that it's not a city at all
3. What music do you constantly listen to when you're trying to get happy? bright eyes or the blood brothers maybe?
-when you're pissed? my angry mix ha
-when you're trying to chill after a long day? anything
4. Do you take good care of your body? no but i always want to. i just don't have the will power
5. What is your 'type'? someone with good hygiene, is male, likes me back ;)
6. Hamburger or Turkey Sandwich? veggie burger
7. Do people think you're pretty/cute, don't be modest? no
8. Describe your computer's background/wallpaper? jack from the show the tribe haha
9. What does life mean to you? misery
10. What makes you a good person? what makes you a bad person? good-i do a lot for people bad-i hate everything
11. If you are of age, have you ever stayed out alone to last call? um
12. Do you like being alone? not really but sometimes i need to be
13. What's your morning routine? it depends on how tired i am. normally it consists of sleeping through my alarm and then scrambling to get ready for work or a show or something else
14. What is your best talent? i don't really have any

The last...
1. Last dream: last night i had one about conor oberst and then another that was ongoing all night even after i'd wake up and fall back asleep. it was like the movie 28 days later. for some reason i dream about that scenario a lot.
2. Last car ride: yesterday coming home from work i suppose
3. Last kiss: late feb/early march, around then
4. Last Missing Book:?
5. Last Missing Library Book: ?
6. Last movie seen: slums of beverly hills on tv
7. Last Book read: can't recall
8. Last curse word uttered: probably motherfucker or something like that.
9. Last beverage drank: lemonade?
10. Last Food consumed: wheat thins
11. Last Crush: him
12. Last phone call: i dunno, i try not to call people
13. Last TV show watched: even stevens
14. Last Item Bought: food at work
15. Last time showered: this morning
16. Last shoes worn: my green ones
17. Last CD played: bright eyes-fevers and mirrors (and it's been skipping, i'm pissed)
18. Last MP3 Downloaded: smashing pumpkins-disarm
19. Last annoyance: my computer/being bored/nothing on tv
20. Last disappointment: people
21. Last soda drank: dr pepper?
22. Last thing written: ?
23. Last key used: ?
24. Last word spoken: i don't know
25. Last trip to the bathroom: before i came downstairs
26. Last sleep: last night
27. Last IM: umm to abby about animation programs
28. Last barf: a long time ago
29. Last backrub: too damn long
30. Last weird encounter: every encounter is weird for me
31. Last store shopped at: mr mikes
32. Last ice cream eaten: slim fast sundae cone mm
33. Last time amused: uh
34. Last time wanting to die: last night
35. Last time in love: a long time ago but it was all bullshit
36. Last time hugged: last friday
37. Last time scolded: today, every day fro christ's sake
38. Last time resentful: i dunno

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[27 Jan 2004|11:54pm]
-so i forgot to vote today. way to suck.
-some guy talked to me like i was stupid today. fucking asshole.
-i'm not happy but i'm glad everyone else is.
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